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BP International, Inc.    

· Your Southern California Commercial Properties Partner

650 W. Duarte Road, Suite 1088 Arcadia, CA 91007 ·Tel: 626-821-3448 ·Fax: 626-821-9099  · Email: info@bpinternational.net



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BP International, Inc., d/b/a Business Properties, takes pride in providing the highest level of professional services to its clients and customers. Through years of experience and expertise in our industry, we have found that today’s marketplace is more sophisticated and requires a more detailed and professional approach to buying, selling, leasing and managing real estate.

We are confident that BP International, Inc. is THE professional real estate services for your commercial investment needs.




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BP International, Inc.

650 W. Duarte Road

Suite 1088

Arcadia, California 91007

Tel:       (626) 821-3448

Fax:       (626) 821-9099

Email: info@bpinternational.net



Investments Services

Tel:        (626) 821-3448 x100

Email: investments@bpinternational.net



Leasing Services

Tel:        (626) 821– 3448 x108

Email: leasing@bpinternational.net



Management Services

Tel:        (626) 821-3448 x101, x102, x103

Email: propertymanagement@bpinternational.net



Accounting Department

Tel:        (626) 821– 3448 x109



General Inquires

Tel:        (626) 821– 3448 x106

Email: info@bpinternational.net



Web Related Issues

Email: webmaster@bpinternational.net

Your Southern California Commercial Properties

Investments, Leasing, Asset Management and Property Management Partner



Business Properties, Properties is Our Business.

We service your commercial investment needs.

Purchase, Sales, Leasing, Asset Management and Property Management

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